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Live Iron Forge

The Live Iron Forge is a shop and studio in the countryside of Grey County, Ontario. 

Here you will find a blend of old-world blacksmithing methods using coal forge, hammer, anvil and sweat, with modern styles and artistic design.

Live Iron Forge

Live Iron Forge owner Anthony Moore in his shop.

Welcome to The Live Iron Forge, an enchanting shop and studio nestled in the picturesque countryside of Grey County, Ontario. My name is Anthony Moore and my passion lies in the preservation of traditional blacksmithing techniques, where the dance of hammer and anvil is fueled by the timeless power of a coal forge. Blending the artistry of yesteryear with contemporary design, I create captivating pieces that evoke both nostalgia and innovation. Step into a realm where ancient craftsmanship meets modern inspiration, and witness the fusion of history, skill, and imagination come to life.

Gate design by Live Iron Forge
Lantern design by Live Iron Forge

Candles and Lighting




Gates, Arbours, and Railings



I am thrilled that you’ve taken the time to explore the possibilities that await. Whether you’ve discovered exactly what you desire or seek further details on how I can bring your vision to life, I invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of creativity. Let’s embark on a journey together by utilizing the convenient contact form to connect with me or simply give me a call. Your dreams are just a step away from becoming a remarkable reality.

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Live Iron Forge

Est. 2002
Artisan Blacksmith

224476 Southgate Rd. 22
RR2 Holstein, ON N0G 2A0